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Save Our Northwood Committee

Save Our Northwood – Cllr SSD sets up website and Social Media for the campaign

Against Garden Grabbing

Launching the Maggie Merchandise for the Conservative Party
Party Conference Coverage 2013:

Supporting Homes for Local People
Local Fundraising
Equal Marriage
“If someone is a taxpayer and a citizen contributing to the State, I can’t understand why they couldn’t get married,” he said. “It is about equal human rights. Why have a different thing for same-sex couples when civil marriage is owned by the State and not the church? This consultation is to the exclusion of religion, which is fine. And, for the future of same-sex marriage, it is an absolutely wonderful thing.”
New Crossing in Northwood
Santa Dash for Michael Sobell House

Planning Issues Explained

“Redundancies and the economic climate were touched upon and Cllr Seaman-Digby, who is also Cabinet Member on the council, told the meeting: “The most important thing is keeping a balanced budget during these contstrained times” but added that the council were determined that services should not suffer.”
Fighting for Residents

Northwood ward councillor, Scott Seaman-Digby, said the case has highlighted the need for reform of planning where the views of residents feature more strongly. He added: “The opposition was not NIMBYism, it was a genuine desire to have the site developed sympathetically and sustainably. What we now have is a scheme forced through by developers in the face of local people’s views. I would urge the developers, even at this late stage, to consider minimising the impact of the features that have led to opposition, as they indeed offered to do during the process. It is a sad day for us all when naked profits feature more highly than concerted views of residents.”
Against a new Mast in Northwood
Hillingdon Councillor Scott Seaman-Digby commented: “There are areas as suitable, if not more suitable as the proposed position on Hallowell Road. Network Rail should give us a valid and detailed reason why they shouldn’t consider another site. On the face of it it needs further work.”
Improving Local Services

Northwood ward councillor and cabinet member for co-ordination and central services, Scott Seaman-Digby, insisted the decision had not been made lightly, and the alternative options will better meet the needs of visitors.
Standing Up For Residents Against Over-Development

Traffic Issues

Northwood ward councillor, Scott Seaman-Digby, backed the campaign but insisted that responsibility for red-light cameras lies with the police, Transport for London (TfL) and its affiliate, the London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP).

Mr Seaman-Digby said: “Council officers have spoken to the police about recent incidents but at the moment there is no clear view on the precise cause – it could be red light jumping but we don’t know at this stage.

“My understanding is funding has been dramatically cut for safety cameras and as yet we don’t know if there has been any further reduction as a result of the impact of the comprehensive spending review on TfL and police budgets overall. Far from falling on deaf ears, the views of residents have been immediately reported to the relevant authority and we continue to push for both answers on what is causing the accidents and whether the incident record might warrant investment in cameras or other changes.”

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Green Lane Project