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Nov 05 2013

Get Writing!

The Save Our Northwood Campaign have developed some letter writing guides for residents and businesses to write about the plans for Northwood. You can find the letters in the links below – save them and amend them as required, then post them to the relevant person(s).

Boris Johnson MP and Mayor of London

82901945_1(Template Letter Boris Johnson)) (2)

Justin King – CEO of Sainsburys PLC:

82821322_1(Template Letter Justin King)

Nick Hurd – Ruislip and Northwood Member of Parliament (our local MP)

82821055_1(Template Letter Nick Hurd)

Eric Pickles, Minister for Community and Local Government

82820901_1(Template Letter Eric Pickles) (2)

Ray Puddifoot – Leader of Hillingdon Council:

82820463_1(Template Letter Ray Puddifoot)

Feb 20 2012


Well, the website is now finished, although I guess it will always be a work in progress as things evolve. This week sees a number of activities both political and resident facing:

Group Meeting
The pre-Council Group Meeting is Monday night where we will review any motions submitted and plan the meeting which takes place on Thursday. Ahead of this there is always an informal meeting of the Cabinet and an update on any issues in our portfolios.
Resident Enquiries
A number of items have come into the post bag (well actually the inbox) this week including:

1. Admissions and education issues for a resident’s son – this will involve the review of varied and numerous documentation before we approach officers with requests.

2. Ongoing Member Enquiries – from my regular contact with NRA and others I have 32 open enquiries that are being handled this month.

3. Planning issues continue and I have lodged my objections to three in the past few days.

4. Planning Meeting – on Tuesday I will be attending the planning meeting to hear how St Johns’ School fare on their application to remove a condition limiting the number of staff on site. The impact if enforced could be disastrous for this wonderful school and my concerns as Childrens’ Champion is for those attending the school on bursaries, as well as the general school population.

With the London elections looming in May getting the word out to residents becomes all more important. A box of Boris In-Touch leaflets is sat at the bottom of my stairs and needs to go outbefore I leave for the US on Friday. My area for deliveries is Hallowell Road, Hawes and Bennetts and Kemps Drive. I will be pounding the streets Tuesday night before hoping to grab a glass of wine with a supporter in Bennetts to warm up from the cold. It’s all a little different from the first election leaflet I had in 1998 – how young I look!

Feb 15 2012


Today saw my new website go live. I have added some details from a previous site and put these in a date context as whilst some information may be of interest, it may also be a little out of date. Just moving onto setting up the Flickr stream for photos around the ward and then it will all be complete.

It’s been a while and as the owner of a digital agency in London it’s a little odd that it took me so long to do my own site. Running your own business is a myriad of things to do and things have been pleasantly busy since we set up in 2010. I finally set some time aside to get it done and well, here we are.