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Nov 05 2013

Get Writing!

The Save Our Northwood Campaign have developed some letter writing guides for residents and businesses to write about the plans for Northwood. You can find the letters in the links below – save them and amend them as required, then post them to the relevant person(s).

Boris Johnson MP and Mayor of London

82901945_1(Template Letter Boris Johnson)) (2)

Justin King – CEO of Sainsburys PLC:

82821322_1(Template Letter Justin King)

Nick Hurd – Ruislip and Northwood Member of Parliament (our local MP)

82821055_1(Template Letter Nick Hurd)

Eric Pickles, Minister for Community and Local Government

82820901_1(Template Letter Eric Pickles) (2)

Ray Puddifoot – Leader of Hillingdon Council:

82820463_1(Template Letter Ray Puddifoot)

Nov 05 2013


Next public meeting for the Save Our Northwood Campaign is on Monday 18 November

The next public meeting is to be held at Emmanuel Church in Church Road at the top of the High Street Street at 8pm on Monday 18th November.

The Church seats over 400 so there will be plenty of  room. Please come and take part in the debate and pass the word!

Apr 24 2013

Borough is Helping 1st Time Buyers

Letter to Uxbridge Gazette:

I AM a supporter of the Yes To Homes campaign. It is the duty of government, both central and local, to help assist young people to make their own way in the world, whether that be providing them with school places and access to education or supporting them with the realisation of the dream of home ownership.
The housing shortage is a problem that has not been addressed by successive governments, and action must be taken to rectify this.
That is why I was pleased to hear the Chancellor’s announcement in this year’s budget that the government is committed to tackling this problem with the launching of the Help To Buy scheme, which will enable first time buyers to take a mortgage of 75 per cent of a property if they can provide a five per cent deposit, with an interest free loan topping up the difference.
The Chancellor also announced the mortgage guarantee scheme to enable more people to obtain a home loan without the need for an impossibly large deposit.
In Hillingdon we have played our part, with our own first-time buyer scheme for residents, which includes a grant of 7.5 per cent of the price of the property you buy, therefore reducing the amount of mortgage you need as well as the annual household income required to access mortgages.
Home ownership is a dream that all young people should aspire to, and while there is much more to do, I believe that these schemes are a step in the right direction for the young people of Hillingdon.
Cabinet Member for Central Services
Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge
Mar 12 2012

Fourth Year of Council Tax Freeze in Hillingdon

Yet again Hillingdon is leading other Councils in doing what they should all be doing too – making sure that the burden on residents is as light as possible through ensuring lean and efficient delivery of services. That doesn’t mean reducing the quality of services or cutting what we do, it means questioning how we do things, when, where and also why. Challenging how we operate and questioning the basis of all we do has seen us take out over £26m in efficiency on operational cost savings last year and identify a further £17m in the year ahead.

This money s used to ensure that the quality and scope of services is best tuned to the needs of our residents. In the coming year we have increased the budget for road repairs by £1m, added £2m to library refurbishments, £5m to upgrade Highgrove swimming pool and Ruislip Lido. £126m of funds will be used to invest in our primary schools to bridge the ago in pupil places and £400k has been set aside to invest directly in local sport organisations in the voluntary sector which help us help residents.

The new investments we will make in 2012 include:

The additional investments are being made in many areas, including:

  • Police Tasking Team (£238k)
  • The creation of a new community safety fund to be allocated by the Cabinet Member for Improvement Partnerships and Community Safety (£200k)
  • The creation of three new young people’s centres (£159k)
  • The Leader’s Initiative (£150k – to bring the revenue fund up to £200k)
  • The Hillingdon Leadership Academy (£99k)
  • Additional out of hours street cleansing in town centres (£88k)
  • The voluntary sector support package to enable the sector to help residents through the recession (£75k)
  • Expansion of the Hillingdon Youth Citizen Scheme (£75k)
  • The second mobile youth bus (£69k)
  • Funding of fire prevention by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) (£62k) in return for the Community Safety Partnership retaining the LFB share of LAA Reward Grant
  • War memorial improvements (£40k)
  • Support to Ruislip and Northwood Old Folks Association (£38k)
  • Funding for Council Champions for Heritage and the Built Environment, Carers, and Disabled People and Equalities, and a Borough Advocate Against Domestic Violence (£20k)

We are passionate about making the changes needed to keep Hillingdon on a sound financial footing. When we took over the Council in 1998 it was effectively bankrupt, with every pot of money including the insurance fund squandered by the Labour administration. Like nationally, Labour cannot be trusted to run the finances as they throw money at issues without the desire or ability to tackle the real issues. We hope to be able to protect residents from rising Council Tax in the years ahead and to do so we will be continuing the work done from the Cabinet down to reduce costs and gain best value in all we do.

Feb 23 2012

On the Boris Trail!


Before I disappear for a week tomorrow (US on a business trip with a little skiing thrown in) I hit the Boris trail in lovely Northwood last night.Sadly the weather was not with me and it rained as soon as we left the car. Got the targeted letters out (except St James Court which was locked up tight that late so these have been mailed today) and the leaflets to Hallowell, Hawes and Bennetts. On the way around we reported three local issues on pavement stones, litter and a general enquiry about the traffic flow at peak through Hallowell Road. There was a huge accident on Green Lane that we saw the clear up of and I have already spoken to a resident about this too.

Feb 20 2012


Well, the website is now finished, although I guess it will always be a work in progress as things evolve. This week sees a number of activities both political and resident facing:

Group Meeting
The pre-Council Group Meeting is Monday night where we will review any motions submitted and plan the meeting which takes place on Thursday. Ahead of this there is always an informal meeting of the Cabinet and an update on any issues in our portfolios.
Resident Enquiries
A number of items have come into the post bag (well actually the inbox) this week including:

1. Admissions and education issues for a resident’s son – this will involve the review of varied and numerous documentation before we approach officers with requests.

2. Ongoing Member Enquiries – from my regular contact with NRA and others I have 32 open enquiries that are being handled this month.

3. Planning issues continue and I have lodged my objections to three in the past few days.

4. Planning Meeting – on Tuesday I will be attending the planning meeting to hear how St Johns’ School fare on their application to remove a condition limiting the number of staff on site. The impact if enforced could be disastrous for this wonderful school and my concerns as Childrens’ Champion is for those attending the school on bursaries, as well as the general school population.

With the London elections looming in May getting the word out to residents becomes all more important. A box of Boris In-Touch leaflets is sat at the bottom of my stairs and needs to go outbefore I leave for the US on Friday. My area for deliveries is Hallowell Road, Hawes and Bennetts and Kemps Drive. I will be pounding the streets Tuesday night before hoping to grab a glass of wine with a supporter in Bennetts to warm up from the cold. It’s all a little different from the first election leaflet I had in 1998 – how young I look!